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Hi! :)

I'm TD Mak, and I'm a big fan of melodic electronica. Most of what you find here will be spacesynth, though I also enjoy its close cousin, demoscene, and video game music (favorite series music-wise: Megaman, Castlevania, Donkey Kong Country, Life Force/Salamander, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario and Sonic Series, Kirby, Turrican). I also like 60's pop music, disco, and ragtime.

I'm actually from the U.S., so please communicate in English. (Or, if you want to help me learn some more Finnish, write something in Finnish followed your most direct English translation. ;) )

I still have much to learn as an artist, so any "kommentit" you have are most welcome! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the music.

Just starting this up, but here are some links for you:


Spacesynth Sites:


Record Labels:

Space Sound Records | Alpha Centauri | Noon Wave Records | Audio Energy | Hypersound Productions

Artists on Mikseri:


Dreamtime/CnC | Everdune | Mark Vera | Galaxion | Electron/Nightcreeper | Marco Rochowski/Energon | Krzysztof Radomski

Space Garden | Synthaurion | Mulperi | Resource X | Spacevision | Photon Burst | Disbit/Mekano Energy | Alphawave | Green Dreams Project | Falcon


Signal | Konec | Skaven | QSO

Other good music sites:

RKO (C64 remixes) | AmigaRemix | VGMusic | Mod Archive | OverClocked Remix


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