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Planistry is a five-piece band with a pure diy -rock attitude from Finland. Tarmo Tikkinen is the founder and heart of the band, supported by numerous people without whom Planistry wouldn't be what it is today. Since 2014 we've been working with our own kind of modern and alternative sound. After some changes within the band, we've now been able to form a motivated and energetic group. We are also grateful to be surrounded by a wide network of helpful people. At the moment the band is spaced in Helsinki. We approached our first album ThREELESS (2016) with a "demo" feel to it, which helped us to get things rollin'.

The independently produced second album is now ready to be released. The album was recorded and mixed by
Onni Lappalainen at Crane Studio in Lappeenranta and mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers.

The music varies from sentimental rock -lullaby (Calm Down), ambitious first single (Open Road) to straight forward (Man On the Moon) and other songs with a twist of progressive hard rock and metal influences.

To mention some of the special guests on this album: Serge Meijerink (Intro speech), William Suvanne (Saxophone) and Arto Lappalainen (Steel Guitar). Sami (Kuoppis) Kuoppamäki has been a great spiritual support over the past two years.
Planistry is also well-known for their comprehensive live shows.


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