Black Metal

Aether 16.11.2010


I flow over this dead ground
aeons have passed
reminder of what once was
dead dreams in morbid mind

I am not here to lead you
to salvation or damnation
I am not here to lead you
to find yourself in your chaos

I am here, trapped, for no reason
this cold ground is my home
for I have never seen the light
in this place forgotten by mortals

hovering in the air
in the ground you walk
as a fire that burns you
and I am the tears you shed

by the lords of the seas
by the lords of fire
by the aerial forces
by the lords of crumbling earth

winter comes and takes my heart
spring comes and takes my...

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Black Metal

Rope Above, Chair Below 16.09.2010


Gazing to my life
a string of failures
desire to be transformed
to a desire not to be

Rope above
and chair below
I wonder how future will be
for a being not willing to stay

My eyes have proven
rise and fall of all
older than time I feel
now is the time to leave

This vast emptiness
of my so-called soul
I have not had had human feeling
as long as I remember

All my comrades have fallen
from beast to prey
from ashes to ashes
all life is a lie

Desire to leave this torment
has reached its zenith
rusten, rotten old one
its time to go now

Live between hammer and anvil
die between rope and...

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Black Metal

Still not drunk enough 04.02.2010


We are here to see
Nothing without brown glasses
we are here to realise
we are not intoxicated enough

Still not drunk enough
But this is my happy place
where my mind travels to carnage
world of death, with no humans

When Im drunk I dream
your entrails as my matress
cleaning my shoes on them
like I did when you were alive

Scent of human lust sickens me
is your fluids worth all that
I prefer to swallow robust brown
to let out streams of yellow disgust

my penis is there for piss
not for intercourse
abd even if it was
im too fucking drunk to fuck

still awake, too much coffee
in my whiskey...

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Slime of Desecration 19.12.2009


Holy man has two holes
Holy whore has one more
Devastation of them all
Is imminent by slime of desecration

take a look at the graveyard
rotting flesh orgy
they have come alive
to please slime of desecration

these corpses will fuck you
and then kill and eat you
zombie nations united
final reich with slime of desecration

has it dawned to your mind
that there is no life, never were
your soul was rotten before birth
swallowed by the slime of desecration

all your believes are lies
no god, no humans, no earth
death has reaped all that was
death...servant of the desecration slime

your life is...

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Black Metal

The Beast (The Yrohtab) 09.05.2009


We are gathered here
to witness crucifixion
of all the men of faith
your lies must reign no more

we are gathered here
to mourn the loss
of those condemned by deceivers
your sacrifice lives forever

so much hell has been unleashed
to reveal the heaven
so much effort to see
heaven is the true hell

beast of yrohtab
rise from your unmade grave
shine us the unlight of wisdom
show us the meaninglesness of life

let us dig the grave
to all the faulty ones
they have made the shovels
which we use to make their graves

as vessels of the one unknown
we obey your commands
as dreamers of your kingdom...

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Black Metal

Antikosmik Prayer 17.03.2009


Lies of Eternal Struggle
of chaos and order
binds you to make a choice
Truth would set you free

no, universe as we perceive it
is not totality of reality
no, "god" or "satan" is no freedom
truth lies beyond human perception

antikosmik prayer
will not go unheard
if you can read it right
with your limited human mind

when you acn find a way
to release your mind and flesh
from the cursed circle of cosmos
you are truly free once and for all

gloom of life is necessary
for man to finally seek his destiny
rebellious man will find a way
or be reborn to try again

what you call oblivion
I call my...

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Black Metal

The Pale Light of the November Moon 09.11.2008


call from the dark
that no one can hear
but why should it be heard?
as ones who hear it are cemetery fodder

pale light of the november moon
highlighting my scars, my will to die
eerie fog rises
as my flesh and soul departs

no more life
among the feeble
set me free from chains of flesh

set me free from life
that is filled with people I hate
let me be me
until I lit the northern sky in flames

darkness of my soul
will be spread worldwide
as the sun disappears
and the moon shines no more

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Black Metal

Anti-Life 09.08.2008


we are the key to uncreation
end of all fun and joy
life is endless suffering
so go and kill yourself now

beware the false prophets
who claim life is worth living
pathetic shapes of flesh we are
we live to feed the worms

what is joy anyway
pieces of flesh trembling
chemical illusions in our brains
to mindlessly pass on our genes

all life is hostile to oblivion
where all life always go anyway
sunrise sunset nothing changes
only void of souls remain

are we afraid to die now
when mere heaven or hell is our price
illusions are our true gods
we are born to die with nio fucking glory


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Black Metal

For The Love (In Absolute Inevitable Void) 09.08.2008


for so long i've searched for death
now I feel that im ready to go
to disappear from here to eternity
gone are the days where I was alive

but before I go there's a message
look at your life and realise
nothing is worth living in guilt
from the same guilt you were created

suicide is only solution for life
death will always reap what is alive
so drink, smoke, do drugs, we all die anyway
no matter how much you breed mankind is doomed

can you ever truly enjoy life
without thinking its all in vain
all our achievements in the dust
our lives for nothing

so realise its better to die

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Black Metal

Possessed (God) 17.04.2008


You all kneel before plastic gods
new pathetic shape of past
your only true god is possessed
and you who betrayed him will perished

All your angels are morbid
stand up to them and you will fall
your newfound hope will be crushed
as old possessed god rises for revenge

there is no place for hope, no remorse
only ashes ansd dust will remain
in glare of burning flesh and seven churches
last whispers of mankind echo

"death metal,death metal,death metal
death metal,death metal,death metal"

beyond the gates you will see
the price of betrayal of old ways
nwever in your wildest dreams

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Black Metal

Nruter Eht... 16.04.2008


Fuck you and fuck your god
we are back from hell again
With our new revelations
we return to glory of past

Satan has taught us well
of the genuine spirit of man
lessons you fear 'cause they're true
but can't be right according to your redeemer

Pathetic mankind
greed, lust, fear and hope is not salvation
mockery of man you are
useless, disposable and worthy of my loathing

King of jews has made you impotent
you fight against yourself for him
but you are no jew
so let your flame soar high

Is your faith in salvation so strong
that you willingly deny yourself?
we are not spawns of allmighty...

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Black Metal

Beyond Tyranny of Time and Death 09.04.2008


Endless aeons of torment
in place forgotten by death
where time and slime stay still
beyond the gates of this world

this is where we must go
when our curiosity will be paid
gateway that must remain closed

in this place is my home now
endless smell of entrails, feces and urine
neverending torture and pain
explorers must pay their price

to understand is to destroy
but walls beyond our world
are there for reason
no laws of even nature exist there

here is no time for sorrow
no need to fight for survival
not even slightest dream of death
only existence for meaningless torture

blood in my...

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Black Metal

Waste of Human Scum 29.03.2008


Recorded under a funeral moon.

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Black Metal

Death or Glory 13.10.2007


Today old gods live,
as warriors march to battle.
enemy outnumbers them,
but their faith compensates.

battle of freedom within,
death or glory, we are not slaves.
freedom and pride fills our souls,
surrender is never an option.

to this field we march,
to die or for glorious victory.
we will not be forgotten,
for purity we fight, DEATH OR GLORY

impious men of cross,
your lord will never be ours.
lies and deceit made your throne,
we will never surrender to you.

its not for hate we fight,
but for love of freedom.
what must be defended,
death or glory, theres no other path.

This song marks...

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Hirttopuutuu 13.10.2007


Recorded by Icon X and Window 6 for he who must not be named.

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Satanic Black Metal

Ancient Spirit Returns 05.06.2007


Ancient spirit returns
Foul skinned entity
Preaching damnation like hell
Armageddon is near

spitting venom on the cross
meak shall inherit death
strong shall be killed

no way to survive
on this evil night
evil is now unleashed
altars of madness crowded

what is left of mankind
are ghouls on chapels
scavengers of human flesh
and theres plenty of that

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Satanic Black Metal

Rytas Icon 31.01.2006


alunperin piti olla coveri. toistaiseksi ainoa biisi johon on Icon X vaikuttanut (ellei uusinta mukaanlueta, ja suuri kysymys onkin, luetaanko täällä?).ensimmäinen Yrohtab-äänitys ja eroaa selkeästi tyylillisesti muista.paljon kämmejä lyriikoista selvänsaamisen kanssa. (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

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