Hardcore Rap

soldiers chapwill ft Young King Fojan 11.05.2008


Young King Fojan Dj Redd , originally planned to be a businessman instead of a rapper.
In a momentous, history-making business move, two of the biggest names in hip hop, the undisputed Young King Fojan.
Flying has a new album, their second ...0f Young King Fojan.and new tracks is comin out ... soldiers chapwill ft Young King Fojan .

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Hardcore Rap

She Floats remixes 17.01.2008


In this new track, he pulls the, She Floats , und to make music more intensely DJ ONE Dutchmaster s0 will be released ... und 2008 peace .... fat M$ Fojan Big Ried und mor.... my all... shit heheh Yup Yop %

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Hardcore Rap

Dipset Symphony Remix (ei tiedossa)


Dipset Symphony Remix Fat M$ Fojanund Big Ried

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We Got Them Guns 14.01.2008


This is We Got Them Guns Beats 2008

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( Yo Pussy Stank Feat. Fojan f't Dock 01.05.2007


The Code
ANOTHA NEW JOINT. THIS ONE IS BLAZIN. MAD NICE VIBE ON THIS ONE. SORTA LIKE A STORYTELLIN RHYME..AT FIRST. SHOUT OUT TO ANNO of wtf for many so funny one 4 the many 2 4 show bitchs **'''Feat Dock Ft' Fojan

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fuck ya Everywhere I Go ) M'r k2 Feat fojan 01.05.2007


This song is simply a banga, but aint nothin simple about the song..crazy good check it out. Tha stuntman is middle verse. vote hot yall This is the definition of raw hip hop. on a real, mean tip the beat is murdered on this. saving the music with real hip hop Feat Fojan Feat M'r k2 muhish / that is myself This is some deep sh*t. Think about the If I Had really, what would you do? Bitchs ****35 streed newyork 891 78 for muhish m'r k2 Gangaztar *

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