Arson of Eden

Xerona Mistress | 05.02.2018 | Post-Grunge

Solipsism EP:n avausraita.
Äänitys ja miksaus: Adicus Ryan Garton Masterointi: Danil Venho Kansikuva: Eetu Ollikainen

Welcome to my personal space, it's in my head
I'll let you go down in there, into my solitude

I want you to go there and see what I have seen,
(But) you came and burned down the place I call sanity

In the arson of eden,
We lost the paradise

Can you see it's all ash now?
Can't you see, i am ash now?

You burned it down to the ground
You burned it down to the ground

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ylermi 07.04.2018
Simple words, some variation in the background, anyway too conventional.
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