Drunk III


Teemu Vehkala: Vocals, FT2 Tracker
Aleksi Sahala: Vocals, FT2 Tracker programming
(c) 1996 Teme Productions, Inc.

This song was made with Aleksi Sahala in Nummela 1996. The first episode of Drunk was released in 1995, IV song was a story of 2 drunkies who go to a trip to Tallinna, Estonia. Second Drunk song is about drunk man who go to the Alko. He don't manage to buy boose so he goes to the Teboil with a motorcycle. Then he robs a 24-pack of lasoil and drunk lasoil windows wash liquid.

Third part III (this song) is about two drunkies who go to the bar with a cab. But they don't pay the cab bill. So they later on get's fired out of the bar in the first steps to bar. Then they gets abducted by aliens.

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