Gliding Through the Galacsea 08.11.2009


I first had the idea for this in 2006, when I wrote maybe 1/4 of the song in MIDI. I added onto it gradually for the next few years until composition was finished in winter of 2008. This summer I finally produced and embellished it, and did what mixing that I could.

I thought it was going to be my first spacesynth track. Oh well....

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Accelerate to the Fifth Ring 17.12.2009


Subtitle: Beijing Elevator Music

This track is a tribute to the time I spent in China--Beijing in particular--last fall. It was inspired by the sound the elevator in my dorm made when arriving at a floor and includes musical references to China and the Olympics.
(Details: http://www.spacesynth.... )

The title refers to the Olympic symbol and the ring roads that mark Beijing's rapid expansion. I thought they were up to 5 when I was there, hence the title (though apparently they were already at 6).

Enjoy! :)

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Im Eshkakheich Tune 08.11.2009


I heard this slow tune and, like most other melodies I really like, wanted to do a remix. For this one I actually did it. It's more developed than the other one, although I admit I didn't put *huge* amounts of effort into it.

Every instrument (except the drums) is a slightly tweaked preset of the VST EVOL (which tries to emulate the Roland JX3P).

It (I think) is a traditional Jewish melody for a verse in Psalm 137 which begins "im eshkakheich, Yerushalayim" ("if I forget you, Jerusalem").

Finished June of 2009.

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Realm of Contemplation 08.11.2009


One day the main melody for this hit me in the head, and then it just stuck there. Here are the results. The other melodies also came to me unusually naturally....

Finished in December of 2008.

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Mishmar Niggun 08.11.2009


"Niggun" is Hebrew for "melody". This is a tune that I learned at a camp I was at in summer of 2008. For fun, I decided to do a dance remix. It took 2 days, so it's not real developed, but hopefully you'll enjoy it , anyway. :)

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Enchanted Fire 08.11.2009


I tried to make this one spacesynth with a Middle Eastern-style flair.

Gradually composed in MIDI and then finished production in September of 2007.

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Seeking the High Ground 08.11.2009


My first spacesynth track. Also my first time dealing with synths and real audio and such. It was finished in July of 2007.

Dreamtime did a remix of this track. It sounds significantly better:

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