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Members: H. Hakala (Mr. Fobias) & R. Nuottajärvi (_IQ_)

Other projects: Dreamcase (2007-) | FTZ (1995) | Precursors (2002-) |

Like a Dead 08.08.2009


TÄDÄÄ tekee paluun kesäisellä rallatuksella joka perustuu tositapahtumiin (löyhästi). Like a Dead käsittelee kuolemaa parodoksiaalisesti... olematta kuitenkaan se absoluuttinen totuus tuonpuoleisesta. (c) TÄDÄÄ 2009

8.71   14 681 plays

Hangover Sympathy? 23.12.2008


World lives in hangover requesting for sympathy. But we can tell you, based on our experience, that there's no such thing as sympathy when you need it most. Or is it? (c) 2008 Tädää.

8.84   87 2167 plays

Kill or be killed (superman mix) 17.11.2007


TÄDÄÄ shakes the planet with this new true blue theme. This song is a strike to the center of the ultimate political question: is it worth it? Answer: yes, it is - this song is already listened more than 2,500 times.

8.55   64 4546 plays

Credits (Ur-Quan Masters) 07.04.2007


This song started the co-operation between Mr Fobias & _IQ_. The song is written for Ur-Quan Masters PC game (re-make of Star Control 2). More Ur-Quan Masters songs are available at http://www.medievalfut.... Credits is written by _IQ_ and Mr Fobias.

8.46   59 1820 plays

Yehat 14.04.2007


Yehat (Years Late Mix) is finally remixed by TÄDÄÄ for Ur-Quan Masters. This remix was written by: _IQ_ and Mr Fobias 4/2007. Original Star Control 2 Yehat theme was written by Riku Nuottajärvi (long long time ago...).

8.65   39 1663 plays

The Colony 14.04.2007


Here's something brand new for you! "The Colony" is written by IQ. Mental training & drinks by Mr Fobias.

7.89   8 906 plays
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