Industrial Metal

Primal 05.07.2011


Lyrics: feels like the weight of the world raining down on me
I can´t fucking breathe everybody wants a piece of me
you set me up, you ignite me but you fail to see
if I explode I´m taking all of you with me
this life´s corrupted me, filled me with hate and greed
I got nowhere to run, life through the sight of a gun
you break me down, you destroy me but you fail to see
if I go down I´m taking everyone with me
inflames by corrupted mind, dont try to deny me for I´m your design
frustration fuels the rage inside, dont try to deny me for I´m your design
all that I wanted was to survive...

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Industrial Metal

Nothing Changes 05.07.2011


Lyrics: stuck in the very same place that I´ve always been
there´s a pattern I can trace due to same routine
oh god it´s what I feared, did I just disappear
with no pride left to swallow
am I to follow a path that leads to sorrow
not built to sustain this unbearable pain
and nothing fucking changes
have I gone astray, in this hell I´m forced to stay
if the dream will never prevail, this fate I will derail
all these years been bleeding, out of my misery
what I got to show for remains way beyond me
remains a mystery
still fighting over same shit I was before
chocking on the same flaws I...

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Industrial Metal

Tradition of Hatred 05.07.2011


Lyrics: use your mind like a weapon to destroy everything
I know you once believed in
pour salt on the wounds and break cuz there´s no fixing
and leave in the wake of the mayhem
you always indulge yourself with such impurities
face down in the blood and taste the mess we´re in
you always think of me when you see something fucking disgusting
break down like a martyr over everything, there was never no pleasing you
your head on a fucking stick is what I´m craving
this outburst was long overdue
I never miss a chance to abuse and trash you
burn each other to the ground and see your enemy...

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Industrial Metal

The Cold 05.07.2011


Lyrics: the cold dwells on my bones
lives on my skin
leaving me empty within
have I bled out of empathy
there´s stone where my heart used to be
in my eyes, if a soul, you see
it´s reflection of you not me
and I wish one day I´ll remember
the feeling, the reason for breathing
the cold is crawling under my skin
like a venom in my veins, wont stop
killing every feeling
the cold denys me from loving anything
it severes all connections
and stops my heart from beating
this indifference upon my face
your passion I have no means to embrace
my silence saying more than it takes
I guess I´m...

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Industrial Metal

Devoured 05.07.2011


Lyrics: devoured by empty promises
vicious lies will be the death of me
deception, it´s coursing through your veins
malicious eyes, you´re always out for the kill
addicted and filled with images
you are just loving my eyes on you
so tempted and so conflicted
you spiteful snake with poisonfangs in my heart
this is whole new sensation
this is new revelation
you want more, to devour is what you adore
black heart be gone forever, I never want to see your face again
black heart be gone forever, I never want to live your lie again
disgusted by all your little games
you´re chocking all the life...

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Industrial Metal

Strangers 05.07.2011


Lyrics: haunting visions in my head
no need to say what´s wrong when I know damn well
dont take these words the wrong way
I know your right but it still hurts like hell
another scar in my heart, bleeding but I got to carry on
conflicted, mistimed and misplaced
to throw this away is such a fucking waste
I really feel this could´ve been the greatest thing
that´s why in my heart I feel a painful sting
it´s a shame we never really got to begin
we couldn´t overcome the strangers within
strangers in the night surrender
now pass each other by like strangers
so we´re just strangers
no hard...

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Industrial Metal

Solitude 05.07.2011


Lyrics: I´ve always felt the need to run away
bury the past and just leave one day
escape the memories which still torment me
but when I´m alone this solitude is killing me
this solitude
it always kills me to fall asleep
if I´m alone and not where I want to be
try to make the best of every day
but these dreams of better place just slip away
this solitude
I´ve got to break out from this goddamn cell
but if I´m away from you it´s an equal hell
no matter where I go, can´t find a place for me
I´m alone and this solitude is killing me
this solitude

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Industrial Metal

Obsessions 05.07.2011


Lyrics: obsessions
this is priority, it makes me bleed out all modesty
no other way I can overcome, weak flesh
my senses are overrun, can you see
can´t control, never free
obsession takes over me, it guides my hand so impatiently
mind filled with reasons why not to stop,
it´s satisfaction with every cut
can you see
I cut your mind open for the uninvited and carve my place into your heart
you embody the flame that fucking drives me insane, I write my name
onto your skin in scars
no more I hesitate,
your thoughts with mine I´ll consolidate
within you purpose I must decode
this sudden...

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Industrial Metal

Trauma Queen 05.07.2011


Lyrics: world turned into a cage now
and silence becomes you
step out your cage that I can never erase
and I´ll promise to show you the way
step out your cage that only you can erase
and I´ll promise to show you the way
out of fear
the wave of anguish is pulling you away
if you fall for fear you will never be the same
fear is the color of your eyes
and trauma is your name
the human condition no longer applies to you
no, monsters are born from wounds
refuse to live in fear
step out your cage that I can never erase
and I´ll promise to show you the way
step out your cage that only you can...

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Industrial Metal

Rebirth 05.07.2011


Lyrics: Broken down to core
repeat ´til cant ignore
unleash the rage and hate
I cant facilitate
burn me down to ashes
from ashes i will rise
and live forever
i can take no more
this human shell outworn
install impurvious heart
reset for brand new start
I am not the same no more
reincarnated improved reborn
i want to shed my skin
reset myself within
start over again
a brand new place to begin
twentyfive years in the making
next twentyfive in slow disassembly
break free to improve
become the best version of you
destroy this feeble body to ensure
that i survive forever
death but a...

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