Tragedy In F# Minor


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Tragedy In F# Minor (säv.Nikke/Vihko, san.Nikke/Robi)

Like mist I am floating through the streets
Like a ray of light I pass thousands of citizens
But still I feel so weak and all alone
This city lies unknown - to us all!

"What if the shadows of Stereopolis
manage to hide succesfully all the ancient secrets inside..."

Representing the shades of those who never die
The goverment, this metaphorical cloak covering the words
I feel cut out, being fed up with
this fingered information day after day
Why can't we know, tell us the truth,
after all we are Stereopolitans like you!

After the third, my world cured so I assumed
Neither me nor thee believed we could see a tragedy

Forging an utopia, weaving a web of dreams
Now it's about to happen
Or those kind words will turn into a conspiracy

Salvation, Damnation - both are equal to me
Our destination needs explanations
to prove us what we are able to see
Hesitation, Simulation - with inner temptations
All these stains on my soul
replaced by the expanding void of my own

Hands - numb and strictly tied,
Eyes - have they lost their sight?
Why has it already happened?
While my deaf and blind faith
certainly has taken its toll

One single city in two pieces of entity
Divided in our minds, missing the harmony


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