Collapsing Towers

Slivers of Silence | 20.09.2013 | Metal

The Cold Grey Swallows - raita 4

Säv. & san. Jarmo Panula, sov. Slivers of Silence

Äänitys, miksaus ja masterointi: Sami Koivisto

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Kappaleen sanat

above the sleeping city
dancing on a string
so high she can almost see
the Pripyat ferris wheel

the only
option to think
is to continue with
the old strategies
idea and practice
they seldom meet
the death of humanity

white great light fills the horizon
for a moment all is quiet
floating in the silent
and bursting away

the sky´s on fire!

towers collapsed
concrete back to sand
ash fills the air
700 million people
one explosion

I raise my eyes afraid
no time to say anything
so fast all is over
so fast I was dead

it´s so silent
you can´t hear a whisper


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