Reborn Craft

R.E.X. | 18.05.2008 | Melodic Death

säv. & san. J. Niinisaari

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R.E.X. - Reborn Craft

Running on the fields of the morning sun
At least I’ve realized that I am the one
Now, why can’t you see?
That I am reborn and you’re just dust for me
Every day it echoes in my mind.
Wondering how could I’ve been so blind
I won’t regret
Your chances are gone but you don’t know it yet.

And every time I hear
I know it makes you fear
Better take and leave
Only I know

The new age has begun
It’s shining in my hands
I’m rising from the ashes of the burning nest
Like phoenix from the flames
it’s flying up to sky
so bright, so beautiful. This is my reborn craft

You’re living in anxiety
Your self-pity is making me
to feel assured
and it’s proving me that I’m prevailing you
Don’t come to beg me forgiveness
You’re always looking for troubles, no less
But after all
They are all consequence of your own choices

And every time I hear
You know it’s near
Better take and leave
Only I know


Running on the fields of the twilight sun
Won’t stop though I know others has gone
And then I close my eyes
All memories come rolling back in my mind
I’m roaming towards my last desire
I have abandoned my old lair
I feel relaxed
And my reborn craft is shining with it’s whole heart

And every time I hear
I knew it made you fear
Better take and leave
Only I know



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llarppp 28.09.2008
Basarissa on vähän hassu saundi? Miksauksee tarkkuutta, rummut ehkä vähän piilossa siltä osin. Miksausta kun saa kuntoon ni ihan hyvähän tästä tulee
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