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Melodic Metal

Circus in Town 04.03.2008


The circus has come to the town.
Music is playing but no one's enjoying.
What is this all about?
Lions are raging, childen are crying.

Black mascara in the eyes of clowns.
Only silence, no single one joke.
Tears melting down from their eyes and mouths.
Only silence, nothing to laugh about.

9   2 663 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Bitter Feelings 04.03.2008


If you hate someone and can't get ovet it, the anger will start to eat you from inside. You can't just forget it. It will come to your mind time after time and it will suffocate every other feelings from you until you have nothing left inside..

8   1 553 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

The Dance of a Firefly 04.03.2008


You can see little lights flying all over the field around you. It is so beautiful sight that you want to watch it forever, until your tired feet can't hold you any longer...

-   0 348 kuuntelua
Industrial Metal

Lycan Smile 04.03.2008


When the full moon shines coldly upon the earth, you can hear them. These beasts howling somewhere in the darkness. In the creeping sound you can almost feel the hunger, for they haven't got human blood since the last full moon. Then suddendly you sense something behind your back and without a scream your vision darkens.. forever.

I got inspiration and additional samples from awesome TES IV: Oblivion mod Danger sense: Feral instincts of course with the author's blessing.

8   1 500 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

A Step to the World 04.03.2008


As the name tells you, this is the very first song under this label.

-   0 317 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Autumn Leaves 04.03.2008


Like always, autumn comes and undresses trees from their clothes. Like always, it also eats the light under the coming darkness. Keep strong or the same might happen to you.

-   0 257 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

This Twisted World 04.03.2008


There is no sense in this reality. It is wicked and weard, too insane. But this is our world. This is twisted world.

-   0 267 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Winter Night 04.03.2008


It's dark. Also it is so calm, nothing moves. You watch your hands. You can barely see them through the heavy snow fall. The air is so freezing that you feel your skin burning. You can't move your feet anymore and you realize that your journey ends here...It's so cold.. (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

-   0 283 kuuntelua
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