Under your command

Pop No Harm | 12.06.2007 | Pop

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Under your command (2003)

Everywhere I go
I need a license from you
and if you just say no
there won't be a way to get through
your commands to follow
nothing else I'm allowed to do.

I can almost hear the wedding bell
when I follow you to the quicksand
why do they say that you are weaker vessel
when it's always my head and my hand
under your command.

Everything I choose
I need to ask what you think
I have to forget blues
wear only purple and pink
my opinion will lose
in your free will it's destined to sink.

Everytime we meet
I need to ask how you feel
always give you a treat
cannot resist your appeal
charm so blinding and sweet
but your strangling grip is made from steel.


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