Summer Of My Love (2014)

Pop No Harm | 09.12.2010 | Pop

Tällä kappaleella osallistuin Sonika-vocaloid laulukilpailuun, voittoa ei tullut, "honourable mention" kuitenkin: http://sonika-vocaloid... . Tässä 2014 versiossa on tosin laulajana Vocaloid Avanna.

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Summer of My Love (Lyrics 2010, Melody 2000)

I have barely lived through the winter
and the long dark cloudy days.
In the corridors of my school
I've been walking in the haze.
I never thought the first of june
could make me fall into the foolest craze
in my yellow car
I'm driving fast
look at my heart it's ablaze
Wearing green bikini on the beach
I can feel your peeping gaze
tender dancing in the summer rain
my life is full of teenage cliches.

Summer of my love
being young is cool and fun
giggling and shopping with my best friends
talking about boys and shoes
bathing in the Sun
flowers in my hair
it is just like yesterday
it was 1967
when my grandma met her summer love
at San Francisco bay.

Duties of my adulthood
can never take this memory away.

Days of peace, awareness, festivals
it's my aquarian age
passionately dreaming of a boy
read it on my facebook page
enjoying my new born freedom
and I feel I'm not just ready to engage.


Laws of narrow-mindedness
can never take this memory away.


Homeworks in September rain
can never take this memory away.

Summer of my love
it is summer of my love
it is summer of my
summer of my
summer of my
summer of my love.


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