Space Traveller 2013

Pop No Harm | 29.02.2008 | Ballad

Tunsin kerran tytön joka haaveili astronautin urasta. Olkoon tämä laulu omistettu hänelle.

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Space traveller (2005)

Everybody needs a dream
better than coffee
with sugar and cream,
uplifting moments
above universal supreme.

I'm not waiting for
your SMS in TV chat,
tell me your story
immortal acrobat.
You can get your share
in millionaire game,
but view from the orbit
beats fortune and fame.

Some people live only
to pay their taxes,
but I want to reach for
old distant galaxies.
Moon is just an overused
romantic cliche,
I want to look
beyond milky way.

I'm living my dream,
on the way of the future
I have suffered and fought.
I'm a space traveller,
light's speed is not a limit
for my train of thought.


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