Soul In Heaven

Pop No Harm | 23.10.2016 | Soul
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I saw him on the floor
steps smoother than Astaire's
and my soul loved his move galore
nothing compares
to his blinding glare.

Party at the pearly gates
dance on ivory
everybody celebrates
in natural ecstasy
we rise to the eternal high
spirits all night long
served on the day we die
the everlasting drinking song.

His voice sanctified the stage
songs from the pain of thorns
freed my soul out of its cage
I was reborn
when the house band blew the horns.

Party at the...

Sweat to this beat
with James, Michael and Prince in the shrine
seven angels of groove
bang the rhythm divine.

I'm blessed that I was really there
that I saw his face
since my soul fell through the air
I've missed his grace
a glimpse of the holy bass.

Party at the...


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