Pop No Harm | 09.03.2014 | Jazz Fusion
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Patriot (2013-2014)

It is not a coincidence
that patriot rhymes with idiot
size does not make you look great
it makes you look greedy pig overweight.

It is not...
Don't hit your chest with your fist
it turns you into a brainwashed fascist.

It is not...
A vest does not make you look tough
the whole world can see through the lonely wolf's bluff.

It is not...
A flag is just a piece of fabric
its waiving as stupid as waiving a prick.

It is not...
Guns aren't a sign of the might
only the children are scared in the night.

It is not...
Don't pose with the king of the wars
'cause you pose like a cheap punch of pathetic whores.


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