Mr. Sad Guy

Pop No Harm | 15.06.2010 | Pop

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Mr. Sad Guy (2010)

Mr. Sad Guy
sleeping again
he is the loneliest
of all the men.
There's no reason
for him to wake up
by the bed
stale milk in a cup.

In the morning
he takes many pills
because doctors say that
loneliness kills.
Dreams of big heights
on a full-blown balloon
but his blood is faint
and the void makes him swoon.


In the evening
no vertical smile
cannot raise his head
in the grass of exile.
He looks for his own
warm cozy lair
where his army of men
then once could reclaim the heir.


If he were a lighthouse
a fountain of the souls
if he had a purpose
he would leave the
life of dwarfish roles
droopy of the dead sea
would kindle and flourish
like the palm tree.



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