Love (2015)

Pop No Harm | 05.07.2007 | Dance

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Love (2002-2003)

Love changed my life
changed my world
changed the colors I see
in the skies
in your eyes
in the lonely raindrops
falling on the ground
that's the gold
of the rainbow
I have found.

Sometimes it hits like a storm
I wonder how can it be
a touch so tender and warm
a miracle, someone loves me.
One look turned me on
I closed my eyes and the moment was gone.

Together we're catching snowflakes
collecting those sweet memories
later when summer awakes
we are newborns like leaves in the trees.
Blue moon took me so high
I closed my eyes and the seasons passed by.

Whispers of love in my ear
just can't save them for days of sorrow
imagine that someone so dear
could be gone when northern winds blow.
From a beautiful dream
I woke up to another extreme.


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