It's Not You

Pop No Harm | 29.01.2011 | Funk

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It's not you (2005)

You act like you always do
but I can see through,
it's not you.
You always smile, it's your known trade mark
but no-one sees when you are
crying in the dark.

You go out, at daytime
you grip holes of your life
with a mountain climb.
You dance every night, your slim body bends
do you recognize your face
when the story ends?

You said you wanted to divorce
but I don't want to stand and fight against your chap
just keep on flirting with other guys
and somebody might just fall in to your trap.
I know how it feels to be alone
but does it justify acting like a fool?
I know how it feels to be hurt
but does it justify to use people as your tool?

You lean on me, perfume in the air
revealing dress -
I don't care.
You seduce me, invitation open
kissing lips in my mail
spam for weaker men.


At the top of the world, you think you can fly
freedom under your wings
is a lie.
Burn all the bridges, bring down Berlin wall
let me see you reborn
after your fall.



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