It Works

Pop No Harm | 18.12.2014 | Funk
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It Works (2010-2014)

I know it works, just don't remind me
it's embarrassing, soon they'll know too.

In the morning bloom it works
in the locker room it works.
In my tight trunks it still works
when jealous of hunks it truly works.

But in the bed with a busty lady
it does not work.

I know it works when I just think about it
I am not a saint my mind's not pure.

In a bouncy train it works
when I try to abstain it works
at the school nurse damn it works
when I lay in the hearse it's going to work.

But in the bed...

I wanted to use it
for a greater good
but it is already late now
it's old and worn
I'm now a squirrel
without acorn.

But in the bed...

I wanted to use...


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