Gone Too Far

Pop No Harm | 11.07.2011 | Folk

Kelttityylin realtracksit kuulostavat sen verran hyviltä että jokin esimerkki oli saatava aikaiseksi. Sävellys löytyi vuoden 1999 arkistosta, mutta sanat piti vielä väsätä. Siinä meni puoli vuotta, mutta vihdoin valmistui tarina kapinallisesta teinitytöstä ja lypsämisestä - sitä on monenlaista...

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Kappaleen sanat

Gone Too Far (sävel 1999, sanat 2010-2011)

It is a carnival time
polkas and jigs and bells chime
I have a blue gown
bought from the downtown
I'm not a dumb wallflower
I'm not alone one hour
I'll get to the dancing floor
I'm the beauty boys adore.

Behind the barn
you kiss me on my cheek
if I took my T-shirt off
would you like to have a peek?
Your look tells me
I'm gone too far now
I'm not the chastest girl
singing in the church and making vows.

It is a school day morning
some might say it's boring
I have my own plan
I've found a sweet man.
I'm not a nerdy bookworm
it's just another spring term
I won't take the last pop quiz
when his engine makes a whizz.

We hit the road
two young and powerful
you can burn the rubber
and I can ride a bull.
My teachers warn
I'm gone too far now
I'm not the brightest swot
but I'm a teenage whirlwind saying ciao.

It's friday night I'm dreaming
bar's neon lights are gleaming
I'm not a poor slob
I've got a new job
I am a skating waitress
I do not wear a work dress
I carry foamy beer mugs
between my bouncing dugs.

Those drooling men
I'm draining their pockets
I am a rising star
destination of rockets.
My parents say
I'm gone too far now
I'm just a farmer's daughter
feeding pigs and milking horny cows.


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