Dance with me

Pop No Harm | 17.05.2008 | Eurodance

Sodanvastaista propagandaa ja eurohumppaa

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Dance With Me (2006)

Iran, USA and Israel
all are burning in the
man-made hell.
They give you armor
antiaircraft defence
pre-emptive strike just
has no loving sense.

Dance with me
until the end of days
I'll give you shelter
from Enola Gays.
No act of terror
no morning in Pearl Harbor
hiding outside any
love destroying war.
Dance with me
until the last goodbyes
I'll protect you from
the prying eyes.
We are immigrants of love
in land of intolerance
forbidden romance
in our private dance.

Enemy according to law
holding my hand was
your only flaw.
Roses are my weapons
pens are battleships
letters of commitment
defend your lips.


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