Pop No Harm | 15.09.2010 | Ballad

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Constellation (2008-2010)

You were the constellation of my sky
I imagined its stars
drew all the lines
but the ink was not dry.

Enchanted when you came
Andromeda was your name.
Every curve and every slope
in the night I spied on you
through my telescope.


Pegasus was my horse
white feather showed the course.
Dreamed a celestial ride
in the strange unexplored space
safely by your side.

Some stories are written in the stars
the ancient legend I tried to mend
rewrite just couple of bars but
you didn't want to descend.

I blurred what we had
paint was bleeding stars were sad.
Like a comet was your glance
a dust tail left behind
a myth was the romance.


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