The Best And Irresistible

Poop Dilan | 03.02.2020 | Reggae

Oodibiisikisa 2020 kipale - Poop teki oodin itselleen, vastauksena Windywalkin haasteeseen tehdä reggae biisi nimeltä "Olen paras ja vastustamaton" ja jossa Poop tuo esiin parhaimmat puolensa.

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Kappaleen sanat

I don't like to be the center of attention
I'm modest and frank, I hate pretension
You can't find me dancing in hot night clubs
more likely I'll be walking,
spotting birds in the scrubs.
I don't smoke, swear aloud or moan
I don't get drunk when I am alone
If you think I'm boring, then
that is your headache
I was born with this virtue,
it's not a mistake.

Every day I forget that
I'm the best and irresistible
every day I forget that
I am warm and sensible
every day please remind me
that my blue eyes are disarming
every day tell me my name is
Mister Charming.
Because if you don't
I'll be a wingless dove
who can't deliver your dreams
can't be the messenger of love.

I'm a hushed lagoon in a tender moonlight
giving the floor to the
warblers of midnight
I don't want to talk about
myself or my deeds
I would rather whisper in the
language of dreams.
I value wittiness, imagination
science, non-violence, negotiation.
I never bash you behind your back
I'm patient, forgiving,
I could never whack.

Every day...

Even though I'm frugal, doesn't mean no fun
I would never skimp for my dearest one
pleasure feels wasted when I feast on my own
only things that are shared are fruitfully sown.
Nature is my rescue, humor is my right
my world is pretty, not black and white
see how I'm full of love and laughter to give
always ready to prove, there's a reason to live.

Every day...


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