Hardcore Punk

New World Government 26.02.2004


À bas les tyrans-EP

New technology taking over
We have no control over it
pushed on by the people in power
Whatta fuck is this shit

New world government
Want just to own this world
Human race defacement
Nothing left to be told

8.75   15 4757 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Asphyxia 26.08.2004


À bas les tyrans-EP

Factories discharging gases
I can feel it in my throat
Produce shit for the masses
Darkening sky
Nature is dying

Cant breath
No air

If this goes on
We dont survive
It's snowball's chance in hell

9   6 1881 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Nothing Left 27.02.2004


À bas les tyrans-EP

Nothing left, just burning ruins
Look what our world has turned
Bombs falling, dead bodies
Misery everywhere I see

Innocents dead - lands decayed
Nothing left - just burning ruins

They're building a wall, shooting our people
symbolic stones is all we have
They come with their tanks and missiles
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go

7.6   5 1558 kuuntelua

This Is Our Moment! 27.02.2004


À bas les tyrans-EP

backing vocals: Julius and Raino

Crowd goes wild
People jump around
All my friends are here
These are the best times

hardcore dancing - can you feel the beat?

Because this our moment
Our moment of unity
Our five minutes of freedom
peace and sovereignty

Join now all sisters and brothers
raise fists and flags
to help and care of others
Friendhip stays and lasts

8   5 1310 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Domination Nation 27.02.2004


À bas les tyrans-EP

In this world you have no mind
Mind is blurred, soul is blind
All they think is of their own
And those with no money,
Are left and let down

Its Domination Nation
Here are no rights
World is ruled by
Those shithead fascists

10   2 1078 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Crash Test Dummy 28.04.2004


Turku Hardcore-EP

line-up on Turku Hardcore:

Janne - vocals
Julius - guitar
Sofia - bass
Teppo - drums

backing vocals:
Julius and Juho

10   1 1009 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Inner Destruction 27.04.2004


Turku Hardcore-EP

backing vocals: Juho

-   0 764 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Stay Alert 28.04.2004



line-up on Painstream-ep:

Janne - guitar, backing vocals
Juho - vocals
Julius - guitar
Sofia - bass
Markus - drums

Features Aapo on saxophone.

-   1 862 kuuntelua
Hardcore Punk

Machinated 10.11.2003


june 2002.


Janne & Juho - vocals
Heikki - guitar
Sofia - bass
Teppo - drums

-   1 1756 kuuntelua
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