Thrash Metal

Dosed Back To Reality 28.08.2011


From the fantasy forrest
next to green rabbit
we pick you up, buddy
Don`t you dare to worry!

Puzzle your brains
they are different
You might even think!
We can handle that

And it starts to anaesthesia
Your brains start to jam
And you cannot even think
Thats to way we fix!

Dont you cry or worry
We can deal whit that
Full brain anasthesia
And you dont feel shit

Parents get so worried
Little mums child
Is dressed all black
and doesnt even know
how to count

No matter what you need!
We need your money
and we gonna get it!
Side effects? no way!

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Thrash Metal

The Great Northern Alcoholculture 20.03.2011


After hard workweek
Decided it all, clear it all
Buy booze and beer for three
Me Myself and I

Drank it all fast
Wasted like an animal
Rage alone in the apartment

Start to get drunk
In the morning
Dont understand much
Feeling invincible
Work your way to the bar
Cause something
Supernatural is with you

Drank it all much too fast
Pissed off the doorman
Flied away like a hero

The Great Northern Alcoholculture

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