More Than You Believe

No Ide Tag | 09.03.2010 | Rock
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on our own we can get what ever we desire, together thre´s no way we´ll win
it´s the truth and you know this path doesn´t lead any longer
this dead end is bad for us both

I wanna leave you wanna stay, we are both running our own ways
there is no future for this
we could achieve more than you believe, but you´re suffocating
my draems

you try appealing to feelings, but deep inside you know it doesn´t help
this is hard, we are tearing ourselves apart
and for this you cant find a cure

I wanna live all the days Iv´e lost, I´ll chase my dreams at any cost
I wanna move on, leave you behind, maby one day I´ll find you in my heart


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