As Long As You Are Here

No Ide Tag | 14.02.2010 | Rock
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It´s been a while since I have felt this way, and I dont wanna go back to yeasterday
when I´m with you I feel like time is flying by,
when I´m with you I feel like everything is fine, more than fine

No more, No more, no more I wanna see you leave
No more, no more no more will my heart bleed
cause I am happy as long as you are here.

Now that you are here I feel so great, there´s no obstacles standing in our way
When I´m with you the pieces find their place,
when I´m with you I wanna be forever this way, yea this way

when I´m with you I know that you wont let me fall,
when I´m with you I know I´ll never be alone, be alone


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