RESULTS (tracks in playing order):

1. Robomate - Hammas Tahma (142pts)
2. Ihanat Tytöt - Melusaaste (134pts)
3. Iloinen Leo - Juustojussi (151pts)
4. Puoskari - The KEY's in da Trunk! (138pts)
5. Mandalavandalz - Solid Bottom (159pts)
6. Squaremeat - Väärä Ryhti (161pts)
7. Takatukkamohikaani - Ph Yh (Piipari Mix) (143pts)
8. Igor Svamp - Igorsvampailu (148pts)
9. Bem-pole Connection - Morning Mist (140pts)
10. Cäps Lock - Locked (147pts)
11. Okta vs Egosentrifug - Cabin Fever (154pts)
12. Luomuhappo - Midihikipaja (151pts)
13. Kirna - Ska La Baska (151pts)
14. Vihtahousu - Kipinää (135pts)
15. Whiskey Baba - KisaKatsomo (154pts)

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