Melodic Trance

till NGY 20.02.2008


Very traditional melodic trance track.

138 BPM

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Melodic Trance

Jewel of Daylight 10.11.2006


Finally I got some inspiration. I made this with care and I used more mixing that ever.The base of bass is same with the song Depend On.

The song itself may be just basic melodic trance -song. I like this a lot and I think this is the best song of mine this far.

Listen now before others do! :D
Now it's your turn, mates. Listen to it. Feel it. Like it or not, add a comment anyway and stay tuned!

138 BPM

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Melodic Trance

Connection 15.09.2006


I tried to keep this song as 5 minutes long.
The track goes and goes forward almost the whole time. (if not counting one part)

Computer and FL Studio started to cry for mammy at the later part of making this song. It had that much instruments, effects etc.

Tempo: 138

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Depend On 07.04.2006


Maybe the first time when I know the name of the song before finishing it. My first song, where I used my new MIDI-keyboard.
Melodies are quite simple, but actually I was aiming for it. (no tricks yet)

Tempo: 136

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Coastline (2006 mix) v1.1 27.06.2006


New version of Coastline! Thanks to those who put comments.

I dropped the master volume and adjusted the balance. I added also couple of vocals to the ending part of the song and other little things.

En kovin merkittävästi tätä biisiä uudistanut, mutta sen pitäisi olla siedettävämmän kuuloinen.

Should be more sufferable now.

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Locomotion 03.12.2005


At long last I completed and added a new (trance) song.
Quite basic trance, but the first "real own-made" trance song. (no more eJay style samples, mate)

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Coastline 29.05.2005


An easy-going beachsong, at least I hope so. :P Maybe the most favoured song of mine.

A new version added (a little bit above) Thanks very much to those who added comments! :)

8.5   9 2484 plays
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