The Stane: Go Away

I don't want to believe anymore,
i don't care what you say.
I can't live like this
it would be better to take your own way.
Every day you told me that you loved me,
every night you pressured me to answer.

Go away it wasn't meant to be
i know youll find someone better than me.
Go away i dont want to ruin your life
in my heart i know this is right.

It's not that i don't love you,
'cause i do you know it's true.
But all the things i fell in love,
seem to be gone.
I can't quite explain it
but i hope you understand.
Going further would be a lie
and i could never do you wrong.


At first it was magic,
just the touch of your hand.
Now i cant feel it,
and i think i'll never can.
So go away this is how i feel,
before you get hurt so you cannot ever heal.