E-Studio: Face on the Book (FaceBook&YouTube CLUB ANTHEM!)

Intro: Get yourself connected, connect yourself to the internet!

Chorus1: FaceBook... YouTube... MySpace...

Rap1: (Sign in with your username...)
Grab your laptop, Mac or PC,
Connect the plug, you know it's easy.
Everyone is able, use wireless, LAN or cable.
Start the client, open browser,
Crank the volume, hear this louder!
Log yourself to a website, feel alright and spend the night!

Bridge: Ooh, get yourself connected, hook up in the internet,
Be a face in their net!

Chorus2: Come on, get your Face on the Book (Facebook),
Put your video on YouTube (YouTube),
And your song to MySpace, webspace.

Chorus3: Hey, your Face on the Book,
Your video on YouTube,
Your song at MySpace.

Rap2: (Enter your password...)
In the web like passenger, use IRC or Messenger,
Setup your webcam, check your e-mail,
Sell your old stuff, through EBay.
Search begins with a G (Google), face in the net, you will be!
Look for a job, use dating service,
Can you handle, real-time gamble?




-Chorus1- (Connected...)


Outro: Disconnected...