Iponah: The Cursed History of the Fallen

The Cursed history of the Fallen

God fell into sin the day I was created
The heaven burnt and its ashes made a kingdom
for him who would be saluted and served.
It’s the bright time of the mutual assured destruction.

The cursed history of the fallen
a divine story that once came true
The holy prophesies from the past
predicted destruction for you.

And in the eyes of the greatest you saw no peace
nor pity as you fell forever
No man could be compared to wisdom
No Human could reach the walls
Lifetime was cursed to be too long
and to be ended with the will by strong.

In the final declaration
I can promise annihilation
It’s a beautiful devastation
Via self-mutilation

The mind made a labyrinth
The body raped the purity
The time,
buried in the future