Found my Head: Found my head

2.Found my head

(Music: T.Lehtinen/J.Lahti, Lyrics: J.Lahti)

bleeding on the frozen ground feeling
every step i`ve taken
under the moon cold as hell
six six six feet under

blown up the earth so f***ed up
now hand me a beer I`ve gotta
stay awake to see the end

No need to die old
I`m feeling locked n`loaded
the snake grinds the hole I need
I found my head there beside your feet

the knife twists my back again
you ripped my skin wide open
you and yer friends a buncha skulls
bad taste in mouth of own poison

you`re waiting for the end today...
tomorrow or any given sunday
I feel free to dig yer grrrr


down, down
into the hole
I`m digging
grinding my soul