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Krzysztof Radomski | 03.12.2003 | Ambient

Tune starts with industrial drones and loops, quite claustrophobic, leaving not much space to breathe. The effect is even more empowered by dirty, rattling bassline, giving an impression that the trap of industrial claustophobia is unavoidable. Not for long, as the machinery fades away, giving space for extremelly deep, calm pads, like if machinery city was devoured by a tidal wave into ocean's abyss. Then there're approaching some hypnotic sequences, making you sleepy, drawing you in deeper and deeper... The slow, dreamy plunging is relaxing, but will you find a will to emerge and take a life-giving breath?
This ambient tune is quite strongly influenced by Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) music. Anyway, the berlin-school sequences make it differ from Biosphere's music, and I think it's a moody addition to this kind of ambient.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

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Tebic 19.12.2003
Wow. Excelent work. Amazing ambient track. The sounds was great. I'm speechless.
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Eurydome 05.12.2003
the machineryworld was indeed very "claustrophobical". the pads were, yes, deep and almost too beutiful.. a bit spacey and oceanic too. very beutiful and relaxing. you could listen this many hours if the mood is right you know :). the abstract background voices and beeps were really good add to this. cant say anything more. nice work..
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It's just my vanity. I'm so excited when I finish new tune (which usually takes some time), that I feel a need to express my feelings about the tune, to present my interpretation... :)
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Twight 03.12.2003
Todella kaunis.. Upea suorastaan!
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