The Emergence


The evolution of spacesynth in my performance. This one is quite far from music presented by Laserdance or Koto, still having the elements of style they have developed. Strong melodies, light mood and analoque sounding - ever liked? Try this.

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Teknoaidi 20.12.2005
I only gotta say... fucking liked the distorted synths :P
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JaDubb 16.12.2003
I am a great fan of spacesynth and I like almost every well done spacesynth track. Those 80's sounds are just so damn cool. I would like this track more with a bit more reverb. Although sounds are pure and nice.
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syny 16.12.2003
This is a bit electroish, at least the drums. The synths are really nice, clean and spacey. And melodies are cool, especially that which starts around 02:30. I really like that distorting lead synth. Only thing that really disturbs me is that looping at 6:20, it feels like it doesn't fit there very well.
And I would have liked the drums more spacey, less electroish - athough now they sound pretty fresh.
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qso 05.12.2003
I liked this track when it came out and still do. The main melody is catchy and free my mind -vocals are a good addition. The arpeggios are neat too. There's a real surprise near the end which isn't typical for spacesynth. The track could have some more 'ooomph' though. Summary: good old Protonic Storm sound. I really hope this won't be your last spacesynth track.
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Eurydome 05.12.2003
i have never liked spacesynth because the sounds are so retro and 80's but this was very beautiful, very cool sounds and very spacey. nicely done.
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Twight 03.12.2003
Todella upea biisi! Monipuolinen ja kauniskin - osittain.. :)
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