Krzysztof Radomski | 03.12.2003 | Illbient

Minimalism, monotony and hypnosis - these words fit perfectly to this experimental ambient tune. No melodies, no drums, just a pulsation of overwhelming, drilling sound that crushes anything in its range. On the other hand - smooth, belly hits and metalic sounds trying to keep a tight hand on the enraged pulse. Althrough it's very simple in construction, I consider it as a breakthough in my musical progress.

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qso 05.12.2003
The filtered, pulsating sequence is evil. But I think the track lacks some atmosphere. There are some clanging and blimming sounds and distant humming but I don't think they give enough atmosphere. What this track needs is an IMAGE. Of course a listener could draw those images in his/her head. But I don't see anything right now. Maybe some others do?

Is there a story behind this? Why the sounds of people in the mid part? I would like to know. The proo prii pruu sound Stocco mentioned is the backbone of this track. I will always remember this track because of it.
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Stocco 03.12.2003
I don't like the pulsating sound although it gives good rhythm to this and I like rhythms. The hypnotic part in this is pretty good and it's nice to go to sleep after listening to this kind of relaxation. 13 minutes is not too much. In fact the time goes really fast. The tinkling sound in the background is nice. Vocals and other human sounds in the middle are really good and gives just right variation to this. But then the boring pulsation comes back. I would like to hear less proo prii pruu...
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