Krzysztof Radomski | 13.01.2004 | Illbient

A weird one. Hard to call it ambient, hard to say it's not. Anyway I think it's interesting no matter what genre could describe it the best. Bizzare, freaky rhythm, kind of clumsy and almost boring on purpose, builds the spine of the track and makes the mind convulsed. To oppose the moving quasi-rhythmic line, still drones flow in the background which amplifies the impression of schizophrenia even more. Get it if you're tough :)
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

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qso 14.01.2004
It's really really difficult to describe this music without recycling same words (bizarre, weird, different..).
The sounds are naturally very original, not something you hear every day. I don't even recall hearing many electronic musicians using same kind of sounds. At 3:30 the track gets really schizo because of the sudden appearance of sounds from normal life. In the end I thought that my ears were ringing because of the sine wave. I cant even describe how _weird_ the ending is.
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