Krzysztof Radomski | 02.12.2003 | Chill Out

Chill-out with some trancy elements. Spacy and deep. Two-part construction: first one is pure chill-out, the second one is faster, more trancy, though it uses rather unusual rhythmics as for a trance music.

9.00   1928 kuuntelua


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krimbe 02.08.2004
This is beautiful song :) Nice work :D
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Eurydome 11.12.2003
very beautiful and spacey feeling. the first part was maybe a little bit better. deep and beautiful voices. im not so good in english, but i can say that this was magnificent!
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qso 05.12.2003
1st part: Ethereal pads. Beautiful sounding chords. I don't like the repeating sequence starting at 1:40, too whining or mosquito'ish to my ears.

2nd part: Better. Also ethereal. Interesting percussions. Quite a lot of your trademark sounds me thinks. Spacey.
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Twight 03.12.2003
Tosi kiva! Tästä mä pidän!
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