Nois Psyche

Krzysztof Radomski | 02.12.2003 | Ambient

My first truly ambient tune. Deep, frosty soundscapes pierced by rattling sounds and drummy effects; heavy and noisy loop that tries to put some order into fractality of environment filled by an arctic cold; strange whistles approaching from a distance... If you're into stuff like Biosphere, you should try it.

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qso 05.12.2003
True-ambient :) Very nice atmosphere you have created here. There are distant sounds as well as weird crackles closer in the soundscape. Quite excellent work.
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Haava 04.12.2003
Hmm... This is something I like... warm feeling of soft noise... This really has some drive in it. Slow movement scream their existance. Waiting something to happen. Feeling of floating... nut still feets on the ground. This is nice when played in loop... forever and frover.
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