In Deranged Mind


This tune is kind of strange, even as for me. I was strongly influenced by precursors of electronic music like Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage or Arne Nordheim, who made so-called electroacoustic music, basing on samples transformed in primitive yet impressive way. Here you will find no rhythm, no melody, neither atmosphere. It is based on sounds, single sounds, which can be appereciated when listened the right way. It requires quite a lot of devotion to understand and find this music beautiful.

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Eurydome 05.12.2003
very machinery.. very weird. noisy. i'm not sure if i liked this or not.
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kideradio 04.12.2003
Sounds really good
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Haava 04.12.2003
Translation to "Twight"'s comment: "Intrensting. I liked this quite a lot. I seem to like many types of music."

Hmm... And my own:

This really cryed for more analogie warmt. This type of "sound" music is close to my hearth, but clean and cold digital sound with quite boring ambiense did not help this song a lot. Some kind of impulse response rewerb from big factory and this might had been a superb song.
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Twight 03.12.2003
Mielenkiintoinen. Tykkäsin kyllä paljon. Onpas minulla laaja musiikkimaku.. X)
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