Impossible Rotation

Krzysztof Radomski | 10.03.2005 | Psytrance

Psychedelic trance track with elements of full-on trance and old-school melodic goa. Try it if you don't mind a lot of knob movement.

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Taleamus 15.09.2005
Oh yeah! If I listened to this just for the twenty first seconds I might think that this would be some kind of reggae/ragga track, that dub-like echo, y'know... Very nice intro :) Even if this is quite a long track you can listen to it through without getting tired, in other words, this is enough varying. Good work!
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This is some really hypnotic stuff.
This song just "took my brain to another dimension".
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Eurydome 05.04.2005
somehow i find the sounds pretty good, although i don't listen psytrance (or goa etc.) at all. i agree to the comments above: this track is nicely hypnotic. the sounds have been made pretty "ambientic" and that's a brilliant thing. well, i don't have anything else to say. very nice work! *thumbs up* :)
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