Krzysztof Radomski | 07.05.2004 | Ambient

One of my deepest ambient pieces. The beginning totally does not indicate where the track is gonna lead you, but the pads emerging after 3:30 leave no doubt about the true nature of this tune. Great tune to be played before sleeping.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Hypernatea" album.

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Haava 20.01.2005
Nice soundscape. Ambience is wery versatile. Feeling of shape and space is very intresting. Computerized word. Digital lanscape meets saund of spaceships and that kind of stuff. Good quality track. This piece really invites listener to listen the song... Little bit agreessive for ambint track, which is not bad at all.
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gebo modyo 30.06.2004
Wouldn't want to go to sleep after this song! the sound of the acid basslines spiced with extremely long delays were so dark it was almost frightnening.. Sounds altogether were very nice, the heavily reverbed synths starting to grow after 3.30 just made the mood of the song even more frightening and stressing, still with the dark acids bubbling in the background.

This song definetly had the touch of the sound of the great ambient artists of the early 90's.

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qso 20.05.2004
Yesss - that's the way. Like you said a very deep ambient piece. Flows beautifully and evolves very nicely without a hitch. One of your best.
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