Bluest Orb


An old-styled electronic song. Some similarities to J.M.Jarre and synthdance, constains even trance and berlin-school elements. This tune is one of my most successful pieces, enjoyed by spacesynth fans as well as goatrance maniacs.
It's also one of my first tunes made with Reason, additionaly no other synths were used for making this one.

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JaDubb 16.12.2003
Quite well rolling and dark electro production. Nice sounds and nice quality.
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Putte 08.12.2003
Really relaxing and fantastic sounds! a little bit psychedelic maybe..
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qso 05.12.2003
Deep bassline combined with the kick drum sounds very good. Original percussions. Melodies go in your usual, successful style. When the synth leads are playing high notes, they seem to "lose" something. I dont know if its aliasing or what. Anyway, old-styled EM with your own recognizable touch.
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