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Krzysztof Radomski | 13.01.2004 | Ambient

Deep and cold ambient piece. Cold, rattling drones, deep pads and kind of berlin-school sequence are the the main components of this one, hopefully absorbing your attention to the very end more than letting you ignore it.
Track taken from "Fonolabe - Fonolabe" album.

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aerobeats 21.04.2004
The strings were especially nice in this track. Deeep ambience of wiiiide space and relaxing electronic effects. The bubbling bass/synth starting from ~2:40 is promising but leads to the void which is good.
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qso 14.01.2004
Yummy. What a journey through space. The berlin school-like sequence is nice and morphs slowly. Pads (lfo-controlled?) are beautiful. Great example of how to create a bloody good atmosphere.
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Eurydome 14.01.2004
this is very nice. very cold and scary piece. it makes me feel that im walking in a bright, icy cavern. that bass-sound really gave some sphere to this song. the pads were beautiful in all its coldness.
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