Gigantic Tager 25.10.2013


Phew.. It's been awhile, over 7 years. Anyway, I tried to make dubstep with Reason 5.
While I fought with dubstep bass LFO's (what is pain with inexact potentiometers, I miss trackers precise hex values) I thought what this sound makes me think.
There was only one answer.
The Iron Tager and Iron Tager's Gigantic Tager!

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Tsukiyomi 20.09.2006


Ohisashiburi desu ne?
Angry and bleak, tempo 163.

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Kimimaro 11.07.2005


Pretty fast (bpm 154) + aggressive breakbeat-drums + melodies as trance = something like The Prodigy or breakbeat/breaks?

Some part of song, melody sounds little same as song Antiloop - In My Mind. This is totally accident. I heard that song after made this.

Almost every song brings my consciousness some colors. This has bright green and purple. ;-) :-?

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Big Beat

mathematics 13.07.2005


Simple pursuit music.
2 snappish drum breaks rumbling on 143bmp and... well, that's all i have to say about the melody.
Color is granular gray & white.

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PianoPerskuta 07.12.2004


Suht nopia.
Tällästä syntyy ku ei ole koskaan soittanu oikiasti mitään.
Mukana pelkkä piano, delaytä ja reverbbiä.

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