Tears Will Rain


Das ist mein first hit Musik piece after the breaking of Berliner Wall. Produced by Georgio Morder.

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Don't know what to say. vocals sound kinda comical, don't be taken, please :) Interesting piece anyway... Epical work.

Roby S.
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D-Beat 27.10.2006
"Vocals" in the beginning made me think of E-rotic. =) Not bad, but then the song reached a whole other world. Then again, if your sound would be a bit deeper and lyrics would be something else, this could still sound like E-rotic.=)

Excellent work I would say. Guitars in the beginning sounded good and the humming or munkchoir (=)) in the end were great. I really enjoyed this piece. Carry on bros.=) I'll give this 9+
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