Instrumental Hip-Hop

HillRoad Bues 02.04.2013


Instrmental Rap Tune .. Rll the way.... elikkä jos huvittaa niin räppää...

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Last Hope 15.02.2012


Levyn viimeinen silaus...

Styvezant - The Connection

Nyt ladattavissa oleva levy... 8 biisiä ...


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Progressive Trance

Genesis eternal 30.04.2009


Zeraphin Cursimus, The fallen with the black blood. Cursed with the light is the nosferatu infinitive with the name Cursimus. Infinitive dream called the Legend of Jigura. Sacred vampire with the pray for endless life. Damnedest infernal infinity for to live forever. Cursimus projection is with endless love and procizated for to find infinite balance and peace called white sky elevation. Maximised perfection for the all. Goodwise resolution final from the hopes of the highest angels. Life upon the earth the best and afterlife final and with the greatest light and darkness with the deepest...

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Dark Ambient

Black dream of mine 05.08.2008


Testament of my soul wroted with blood.

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Neptune 05.03.2012


Trance Kappale...

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Mercurium 17.03.2012


(: Grand Majore :)

-   3 173 kuuntelua
Hard NRG

Great unknown 14.06.2009


Great unknown and potential high!!!

Stop!?! Dont stop!?!

"Preassume objections sessile and dont fumble and divide chaotics and negative lies and fouls, but correct and encourage ultimate wisdom. messenging the light is to be sensible and creative, pervertive with mature for good towards wholity."

[Instructions to comprehensive believing]

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Progressive Trance

Jupiteria 21.03.2012


Kuuntelin vähän Guettaa ja päätin ottaa hieman vaikutteita...huomaako sitä edes...hmmm...

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Orion Storm 19.03.2012


Storms in the horizon ... A trance tune ...

-   1 197 kuuntelua
Blues Rock

Getting Older 19.01.2012


Uusi Little Bird kappale...

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Melodic Trance

Japan Rose (Love Kick) 20.03.2012


I am full in love about you...

(( Melodic Love Kicker ))

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Space Superia 09.03.2012


A trance tune

Alpha Version

-   3 176 kuuntelua
Epic Trance

Zillion miles inside (6666 Astral projection) 11.09.2009


\"Ziljon miles Inside is the infernal flower and its splitted all around from the senter of the seed. The infinitive thruth is endless lifeburst from the core. The inner eye sees all and energy is unlimited to form a great aura of ultimate immune bias of the infinitive orbit. Inside the eye will be the galactic secret of life. Bending and twisting is the prismatic light spreading and infinitely futher it will glow. I have seen inside and the life is everlasting in the seed, but chaotically lessening froum outer around. Everything is bond to darken the light outer and there for death is...

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Time Machine breakdown 29.09.2009


Clips from testorterone movie script...

Aliens are terrorisating people to get the current time timeplasma to get more time in our world. The thing from the future is coming and educating us. Parmezans group are the people after aliens and with Timo Franz they know somehow what the thing is all about. Aliens eat animals with extraordinary force when those get closer. Timo Franz can now tell where is the place of alien individual to come through. Remember spectators are intelligent. Alien lab is injecting a alien to save Timo Franz and the location of the group is knowed by them. By a great...

-   0 181 kuuntelua

Supernova 02.03.2012


The Bright As Supernova. Megastar Plane...

10   3 194 kuuntelua
Melodic Trance

Evergrow 27.10.2011


Melodic heavy trance tune...

Growing old and older with strong roots

-   0 185 kuuntelua

HOMOGEN IMMUNE [Cybergen Cell Binder] HELLBELL BANGER 13.08.2009


Instant immunity to all homogen humans. Positive immortal cells to last for ages. Im gonna sing with megabass this one.

Homogen...immune...diaboly monotone!!!
Positive lifecell last for ages...
Brutally immune...cell binder absolute...

News from Spiritus Nirin case: I finally found the metaphysic shop to buy allmost everything you ever can wish. Snowhearth is me as a iceman and rest you know. Money is still needed to be projected as a nonlimited. (God exists) And if i die in the prosess its we infinitive chrusifixion...hell i be much...the Christ is allways infinitive,...

10   4 240 kuuntelua
Melodic Trance

White sky symphony 30.04.2009


"Master nominator must understand wholity to be prosessing life for more to complete. Suffer one, have all. Better whealth, the best way. Arcanial is the gates to higher projection. Mystery is how it were, but all it forever promises. It is the portal to higher in being. "

[Elevating projection adjunct, The white sky prophesy]

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Melodic Trance

Phantasma 06.03.2012


Simple melodic trance tune...

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Industrial helvetica 30.04.2009


Life is the best and you are one. The conclusion about planning of your existence was you to be one. Truth of purpose to your existing is past, future an present times conclusion to adjunctative and sacred inertia of significance immunity for entireness to last, be infinitive and eternal. The unity of wholity is functional with respecting correct and positive solutions over negations. Water and everything shared things are adapted from must be functional origin. Sigularity is all time modern and great when meaning mature, universed and one with a blessing of high organism." [Spiritus Nirin]

4   0 252 kuuntelua
Melodic Trance

Flowerfields (Memories) 28.02.2012


Aika snappy trance tune... rauhallinen j melodinen toteutus... mitä vielä odotat... kuuntele ....

9   1 183 kuuntelua
Melodic Trance

Illusion 07.09.2010


A soft kicker. A bit retro trance...

-   0 209 kuuntelua

Cyberdream 19.02.2012


Cyberdream 2000-3000

Highst hight Cyberdome of Sacred Pray

-   0 157 kuuntelua

Elevation 27.03.2012


Uutta mun trancen statea ...

Naputa jalkaa :D

-   1 171 kuuntelua
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